Not That You Asked…..

Here’s what I have decided:

If I am going to enjoy an artist’s work, it is essential that they be good at what they do. Seems obvious, yes? But, to elaborate, I really want to be able to detect a certain amount of craftsmanship. I want to know that this person makes the requisite commitment and sacrifice to the constant development and refinement of the ability to cleanly display ideas. It’s not enough to try and win me over with the weight of your Life’s Experiences or the charm of your Winning Personality.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating for the proliferation of Technobots; I’m equally turned off by those who place a disproportionate amount of effort into the development of technique at the expense of their humanity. I find that to be tremendously boring and unrewarding when presented with stuff that is one-dimensional in that way.

Call me a Centrist if you like, but my sweet spot lies somewhere between those extremes: I want to hear your voice and your ideas executed in a way that shows that you put some time into the ability to do so. I like to be made to feel that you are both an artist and an artisan.

2 thoughts on “Not That You Asked…..”

  1. I’m delighted to concur with this statement, and let it inspire me to study a bit more today, and exercise a bit more, to expand on my art and craft. There are a lot of talented people I have met, that I will hope bump into this commentary, in my additional hope that their talent will be realized, as much or even more than my own or Mr. Kahn’s. Thank you for putting the thought so well, Jeremy.

  2. You’re reading my mind, Jeremy. That’s exactly what I feel about art and the folks who make it. The craftsmanship has to be there along with the spontaneity in order to be real and true. That’s what I’m striving for in my own music. Gotta keep working on it. Thanks for saying it so succinctly.

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