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Jeremy kahn - most of a nickel

Jeremy Kahn – Piano
Jim Gailloreto – Tenor & Soprano Sax, Alto Flute
Larry Kohut – Bass
Erik Montzka – Drums
Recorded in Chicago, 2004

Most of a Nickel CD $11.98 + $3.00 Shipping and Handling


Jeremy kahn - the jitterbug waltz

Jeremy Kahn – Piano
Leon “Boots” Maleson – Bass
Tim Horner – drums
Recorded in Brooklyn, New York, 1995

Jitterbug Waltz CD $11.98 + $3.00 Shipping and Handling

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Trio Blanco – Recorded Live at the Gold Coast Sardine Bar

Jeremy Kahn with Larry Kohut and Joel Spencer; recorded 3/7/97

Joy Road Volume 1 (The Complete Works of Pepper Adams)

Jeremy Kahn (piano) Rob Amster (bass), George Fludas (drums)

Joy Road Volume 2

Jeremy Kahn (piano) Gary Smulyan (bari sax), Rob Amster (bass), George Fludas (drums)

Jeremy with Dee Alexander:

Jeremy with Eric Schneider:


Jeremy with Howard Levy:



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Direct Call

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