Playing on my porch during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. With Eric Schneider and Larry Kohut.

With Paul Marinaro at PianoForte Chicago, 11/19. Tribute to Nat King Cole:



Chicago Jazz Orchestra
The Gren Mill, Chicago 7/30/18

Chicago Jazz Orchestra, Green Mill, Chicago, July 30, 2018.

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From a tribute to (and fund-raiser for) Paul Marinaro
Jazz Showcase 2/28/18

"You're Nearer" – Jeremy Kahn

Brilliant pianist AND (apparently) comedian, Jeremy Kahn does a bit of stand-up followed by a stunning version of "You're Nearer" in memory of our beautiful friend Ginger Tam, who had just passed a few weeks prior. Certainly a stand out moment among many, I'll never forget this night at Jazz Showcase.Before he starts his stand-up tour through the Catskills, Jeremy will be at Winter's Jazz Club tonight with his continuing "Mixed Masters" series, with the music of Ellington and Gershwin on the docket this evening: "Sophisticated Lady Be Good"Jeremy Kahn Trio, Thursday, August 9, 7:30pm and 9:30pm.And he'll be with me at Winter's on August 21!

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Andy Brown, Joe Policastro, Phil Gratteau and moi at Studio 5. Evanston, IL, 2/23/18


Andy Brown and me: PianoForte November 2017.

Paul Marinaro and me doing Ellington/Strayhorn at PianoForte November 2016.

Dee Alexander and me paying tribute to Sarah Vaughn at PianoForte October 2016.



Summer 2016 at the Jazz Showcase; Andy Brown in a tribute to Charlie Christian. With Eric Schneider, Jake Vinsel, Bob Rummage and me:

Steve Million and me, kicking off the Chicago Jazz Fest at PianoForte; 8/29/16


Spider Saloff and me at PianoForte; Chicago, October 2015

2011 Chicago Jazz Festival: Jeremy Kahn and the Pepper Adams Project from Floyd Webb on Vimeo.

It’s natural, the way artistic influences are passed down, that saxophonists mainly pay tribute to other saxophonists, trumpeter to other trumpeters, drummers to other drummers. But it’s refreshing when a musician is instrument-blind in honoring the overall scope of a predecessor’s achievement. That’s what pianist Jeremy Kahn has been doing in performing and recording the music of Pepper Adams, who gained recognition as one of jazz’s leading baritone saxophonists through his work with Charles Mingus and Donald Byrd, but whose compositions have largely faded from view since his death in 1986.

Kahn has now cut three albums as part of a project to record all of Adams’ music. On the latest one, he takes Adams ballads such as “In Love with Night” and “Urban Dreams,” set them to lyrics and treats them as medium and uptempo vehicles for New York singer Alexis Cole. Today, festgoers will be treated to a selection of those tunes, performed by a strong lineup including Cole, veteran saxophonist Pat LaBarbera, saxophonist Geof Bradfield, bassist Dennis Carroll and drummer George Fludas.

A Chicago native who spent formative years performing in bars and lounges in New York and Boston before moving back home and settling into a memorable stint at the Gold Star Sardine Bar, Kahn is a wide-ranging artist whose past recordings have included a memorable take on The Threepenny Opera. He can evoke Bill Evans with his post bop lyricism, embrace the more complicated modernism of Wayne Shorter and go pre-modern with a Bix Beiderbecke tune. Pepper Adams would be pleased to have his music in Kahn’s hands.

Grant Park
Jazz on Jackson Stage

This is from a very enjoyable 7/2/15 gig with Bill Overton and Larry Kohut, part of impresario Steve Rashid’s series at the Whiskey Lounge in Evanston, IL:

Chitown Jazz Festival, 3/8/15 at PianoForte studios

These videos are from a 12/14 concert at Constellation (Chicago) with pianist Steve Million and dancer Ariane Dolan.

“I Hear A Rhapsody” from the Jazz Showcase in Fall 2013, with Mark Colby, Eric Hochberg and Bob Rummage.

At Andy’s with Pat LaBarbera, Kelly Sill and Joel Spencer

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